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Common Questions

I've signed up, what's next?

Thank you for joining the Red Bag Activities family! We know your residents will love our activities, and we know you and your staff will appreciate quality, ready-made, easy-to-do activities that you don’t have to invent!

Now that you are a Red Bag subscriber, you can access the month’s material anytime by logging back into the to the Red Bag website (www.redbagactivities.com) and coming back here to the “Members Page.” You will see the list of current and previous month’s Activities updated here on the left side of the page.

Choose the needed link and click!  Because there is so much material in each month’s activities packet the file is very large and may take a few minutes to download. (We could make a smaller file, but we think you and those in your care will appreciate the variety and volume.)

How do I receive the activities each month?

Go to the Red Bag Activities website (www.redbagactivities.com) and login to the Member tab. Use the account name and password you used to subscribe to Red Bag Activities. You’ll see links on the left side of the page. Click and voila! The file of your choice will download. It may take a few minutes because the files are large and full of valuable activities.

How do I make changes to my account?

Need to update your information? Please let us know through the feedback form on this page.

How can I close my account?

Need to close your account? We are so sorry to see you go! Please let us know through the feedback form on this page.

New Subscriber's General Guidance and Important Reminders

Welcome, Red Bag Subscribers! 

Please click on this link to get all of the needed information and important reminders to make sure your experiences using Red Bag Activities is full of wonder and enrichment!

Let us know if you need any help by using the RBA Feedback Form here on the Members Page.

Password problems?

Having password problems? Be sure to click on the Forgot Password? link and simply input the email address you signed up with. An email with your temporary password will be sent to you.

Not receiving the email? Be sure to check Spam and Promotion folders in your email or use the contact form on this page to reach us for assistance.

You can change your temporary password by visiting the Profile link under Members in the main menu when logged in.

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