“This calendar has been a life saver for both my son and his caregiver, filling every morning with things to learn, see and do.
Each month is a new feast of interesting materials to work on. A MUST HAVE for every family and friend who is looking for enriching daily activities.” – Christine R.

About Jane

The inspiration for this activities service resulted from Jane’s trips to Minnesota to visit her mother, who lived in an adult family home. Jane was impressed by the good care her mother received there. However, her mom (Holly) had been a very active and social person; but in this situation Holly often found herself bored with only her reading and crossword puzzles to do. She had never been much of a TV watcher, but that seemed to be the only alternative to sitting in her room, alone.

When Jane visited they enjoyed reminiscing, music, brain games, board games, art appreciation, laughter, and lively discussion. Holly was engaged and happy. Jane’s brother noted how their mom “did so much better” when Jane interacted with her in these ways. Jane’s fervent wish upon leaving was that someone could be found who would take up where Jane left off.

Jane’s heart is always for people to be respected and valued. Her goal is to provide a month chock full of wonderful and wonder-filled activities that honors her dear mother, Holly.

Jane has extensive experience as an elementary and English As A Second Language (ESL) teacher; as a fitness and nutrition coach; as a women’s ministries leader, and as a senior activities leader. She has worked closely with people from many cultures, and she is an enthusiastic mother and grandmother.

About Barb

Barb Beck has been working in the field of Special Education and Support Services for the past 25 years. Prior to that, she has had the opportunity to work in several residential facilities where she assisted people battling Alzheimer’s and aging related illnesses and dementia. Her passion for working to make enriching activities available to adults with disabilities and the aging population is fueled by her experiences when loving and supporting her own family members with similar needs. Barb is committed to utilizing her skills in educational technology to bring Jane’s fun and wonder-filled calendars and activities to life in an accessible digital format.

How did Red Bag get its name?

The name, Red Bag Activities was born when Jane’s grandchildren always wanted to know: “What’s in your red bag today?” Her red bag was always packed with fun and enriching things to do and learn.  Later, that red bag accompanied Jane to adult family homes where the residents asked the same question: “What’s in your red bag today?”

That same spirit of fun, learning and wonder is available to you in Red Bag Activities. Subscribe now, and don’t miss a single day!

Things to keep in mind…

  • The desire of senior citizens and disadvantaged adults to create, to be active, and to be engaged, is just as strong as it is for neuro-typical persons.
  • Caregivers are fully capable of engaging their clients in meaningful activities if they have access to easy-to-use activities resources.
  • All people in our care find fulfilling joy in arts, crafts, music, interactive videos, games of all kinds, discussions and physical exercise.
  • Well structured activities resources should nourish body, mind and spirit.