Enriching, purposeful activities

Because active people are healthier people.

The desire to learn, to create, to be active and engaged is strong in people of all abilities. But you know that enriching, meaningful activities don’t happen by themselves. They take a lot of time and thinking and organizing — and you’re already busy.

Let Red Bag Activities help you be a hero to those in your care!

Everything you need.
Each day, all month.

The master monthly calendar gives you an entire month’s worth of activity ideas, so you can focus on your work, not on inventing things to do. You also receive a detailed supply list so you are well prepared for every activity.

Distributed electronically, available 24/7.

These stimulating activities provide joy, fun, and a sense of wonder. Use your iPad, tablet, smartphone, PC or laptop to access the material. Print as many copies of the  activities pages as you need. Never again wonder: “What can I think of to do?”

Ways to use Red Bag Activities

  1. Use your computer, phone, or tablet
  2. Screencast to your TV
  3. Print for use at your convenience

Something for everybody

Red Bag Activities are perfect for:

  • Residents of adult family homes (group homes) and assisted living facilities
  • Caregivers of young adults through seniors
  • People who live independently and are looking for something new to do without leaving home

“This calendar will blow you away with the amount of information and activities it provides that are engaging, fun and informative.” – Christine R.

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